On Lit Up Interiors

Photo of Chocolat Abeille, in Omaha’s Old Market. Seen on the Facebook group, Nebraska Through the Lens page, photo by Darrell Wendt, Dec. 2019.

This marvelous storefront photo is just the kind of thing I was thinking about, back on May 22, 2011, when I wrote this:

There is a phenomonon of warmth and comfort that arises whenever I see lit up interiors viewed from the outside.

The effect is even more inviting on a rainy, foggy, or snowy day. During Cupcake Island’s first year, in 2006, I remember the pleasure of driving up to the shop on a dark and dreary day, and seeing the shop’s bustling interior all lit up!

At home, I would often choose to walk around the block at dusk, just to see a glimpse of a stairwell, or a desk lamp lit up within a window.

”Lit From Within” is the title of a painting I viewed (somewhere? by who?). I thought the title was so poetic. I barely remember the painting; was it a scene in a window? No, I think it was a nature scene, a tree or a shrub, very leafy, with touches of light coming through. Beautiful!!

”Come into the Shade”, my 1992 watercolor painting of our one time back yard’s entrance. Inspired, I’m sure, by that “Lit From Within” memory.

Now, today, on December 18, 2019, I’m adding some favorite scenes to illustrate further the emotive value of light inside, viewed from outside.

This past summer, it was very exciting to witness a neighbor’s backyard wedding on the lake (West Lake Okoboji, Iowa).Here is a picture of the tent:

Photo taken by me, August 17, 2019.

I also think that looking into a lighted courtyard from a darkened path is lovely.

March 15, 2017, Royal Palm, Phoenix, AZ.

And here’s a spectacularly famous painting, at The Art Institute of Chicago. I didn’t know it was so large! I must go see it.

”Nighthawks”, Edward Hopper, oil on canvas, 1942. 2’6” by 5’. Photo taken by me, from my art history textbook.

However, my very favorite artwork expressing this theme comes from Paulette Peters, an Elkhorn, Nebraska friend. She created this “wall hanging” as she calls it (I call it a studio art quilt) in 1989. I saw it a few years later, when I was active in quilt guilds, and never forgot it, or the idea behind it. So original!

”Homefires”, by Paulette Peters, 41” by 41”. About this piece, Paulette wrote: “Arrangement of houses taken from view of a cul-de-sac at 132nd and Pacific (in Omaha, NE), looking south, at that evening moment when you’re driving home and everyone else has dinner on the table.”

Thanks, Paulette, for sending me the photo a few days ago!

I hope all of you enjoy the Lit Up Interiors in your own lives.


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