On Socks in Autumn

Warm wool socks

This past weekend, we had guests (family members) who love to go barefoot, and spent the whole weekend doing so. We’re kind of known for that. My dad once walked barefoot in the snow to retrieve the newspaper at the end of the driveway. And, this summer, our 19 year old granddaughter walked barefoot on the craggy stone steps going to our splintery wooden dock. I advised her not to do that, remembering another granddaughter’s “killer” spike of wood that entered her bare sole. Later, I saw her in the grass, barefoot, enjoying the de-stressing aspect of being in touch with nature, literally.

My friend, Liz, loves to drive barefoot, and I think an aunt of mine does too. Such freedom!

Here’s something I wrote on October 19, 2010, about a time when I was not ready for the switch to wearing socks:

Even in my older age (50’s), it’s barefoot time in summer. Those bare feet are in flip flops, dressy sandals, everyday walking sandals, or in nothing at all.

It’s a fabulous feeling that must come to an end every Fall in the Midwest.

Yesterday was that day for me, with a sunny high of 60. I ran my errands in sandals and knew that I looked ridiculous, wearing a lightweight jacket and heavier pants. And I had very cold feet!

Favorite, long wearing sandals.

Enjoy your transitions!


2 thoughts on “On Socks in Autumn

  1. My downstairs floors are mostly wood flooring. Hense, 90% of the time I wear socks. The movement about the house helps clean up the dust bunnies as the dust collects on the bottoms of my socks. My yearly way of getting maximum use of my socks……


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