The Day I Met the Meter Man

It was the summer of 1969; senior year of high school was ahead of me. I had a full time job taking care of two children at their house, while their mother worked at J.C.Penney’s. She picked me up and took me home, before and after work. The days were long, but basically I enjoyed them.

Sometimes, I washed my hair there and put in rollers (hair curlers). It was all part of good grooming in those days, and something I did on this day.

Maybe the curlers were this attractive style, or maybe the fetching-in-pink kind below.

As my two little charges and I were having lunch, I was startled to hear a male voice yell out, ”Meter Man!”. Whoever he was walked in the back door and went right to the basement.

Not my meter man, a stand-in.

I immediately followed this scary-charming voice, and was surprised to see that it was a classmate who I knew, of course, but had not really talked to that much.

He broke all city rules that day by taking a break, and sitting at the kitchen table to chat with me for a while. Remember, I was in hair rollers, so I was quite embarrassed. Still, we laughed and talked easily for awhile, then went on with our jobs and our day.

I liked him! I’ve liked him for over 52 years now, married for 49 of those years. Yes, the meter man was Dan. We often laugh about how the words from that day were all it took to set up a lifetime together, even with hair rollers involved.

We’re still talking around a kitchen table, and I hope you are too, with the meaningful people in your lives!


6 thoughts on “The Day I Met the Meter Man

  1. I love your story Shirley. So sweet how you connected with Dan. Reminds me of a poem “You never know when something you say may open windows of a mind.” …Or of a life together! Happy Holidays & thanks for the smile!!!❤️Linda Meigs

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  2. This was a new story for me. Enjoyed it. So many stories we still can share about family. Can’t remember the last time I had rollers in my hair. Thanks for the memories.oi


    1. Yes, Linda, so many stories! I’ve always loved yours and your family’s. This one’s importance magnified over the years. Early on I think we were all so busy we didn’t tell the little episodes. Now I have time to tell. Thanks for commenting.


  3. You made my day as I read this latest blog. I love hearing how couples have met and this one is the best. You paint a beautiful picture with your words. Thanks for sharing, Shirley.


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