On Matchbox Cars

USPS First Class Stamps

When I saw this Hot Wheels Postage Stamp design, I was delighted by its playfulness! It also reminded me of my mother who collected new USPS stamp offerings for her letters to family. She especially liked cancelled stamps (a hobby she picked up from her brother, Bill, she once told me). Each letter sent out had a note to “save stamp”.

All of my saved letters have the stamp cut out or torn off. My brother, Tony, inherited her stamps, along with a knack for writing letters, which also included the “save stamp” request.

Kind of messy looking letter collection, without their colorful stamps!

So, these miniature car stamps made me think of Mom (gone from earthly life since 2014), and also of a short essay I wrote on 7-18-2011:

As I look down on Omaha’s streets from our upper floor , east facing condo on 31st Ave, I am reminded of Matchbox cars, because that’s what the vehicles look like down below. Many colored cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, business vans, police cars, and buses drive by on their merry way.

Dodge and Turner Blvd and Douglas (2021 photo, 7AM)

As a fan of miniatures (furniture, cars, models), I have always liked Matchbox cars at the toy store. I would pick them up occasionally for our young kids.

Once, I remember a garage sale that had a carrying case with many “matchbox” and “hot wheel” cars.

1968 Case

The price was $40.00. I wanted it badly, for the kids, but also for myself. I did not get it—too expensive and frivolous, I thought.

But now, I think I’ll still look for a used, played with collection just like that at today’s yard sales.

That was then, in 2011.

Now, in 2021, I’m continuing to downsize and minimize. I don’t need toys. However, I do like history, and art. Here are a few interesting photos on this mini car topic, found online.

It would have been fun to purchase or receive these little boxes, in a Christmas stocking, or Easter basket.
Artist Ross Palmer Beecher’s “Square License Plate Quilt”, 61” by 61”, 2014, with cutouts for little cars.
Detail of “Square License Plate Quilt”.
Ross Palmer Beecher, “Hot Wheels Car Quilt Study”, 2013-2014, with silver backs of license plates.

I hope you enjoyed these thoughts and photos!


4 thoughts on “On Matchbox Cars

  1. Morning Shirley, (Karen’s friend Marcy from Carroll) I must tell you a huge smile comes across my face when I see an email from On Writing, On Life in inbox and of course I open it first! I never knew you were such a talented writer, I love reading your stories/thoughts/dreams/memories/painting. Have a fantastic day and keep penning these wonderful tidbits. M


      1. You always make me homesick for long ago times. Wish we could spend some time with you both. Love


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