On Picking up Sticks

Today, a dramatic storm blew through northwest Iowa. Although predicted for the general area, it came up quickly and ferociously, with winter like winds.

I loved watching it and listening to it, shutting off the TV so there were no distractions.

Later, when I went outside, I was startled to see a huge section of our ash tree on the driveway.

Sticks large and small were thrown about.

I started to pick them up, which made me recall this short essay I wrote on 9-21-2010, after another storm, in Omaha:

Whenever I see sticks on the lawn, I have to go out and pick them up. The exercise of bending over often, walking around the yard, and holding more than my hands can comfortably hold until I get to the yard waste bin, is really quite fun!

However, I always wish that the grandkids or neighborhood kids were with me, so they could enjoy this fun also (ha ha).

Just like the game.

Enjoy your games!


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